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Prescriptive Analytics platform for Lifestyle Retail Merchandising

Sprint AI selected by Target Accelerator Cohort 7

360° Data.
Prescriptive Analytics.
Winning Recommendations.
Measurable Impact.


Reduction in stock-outs


Increase in revenue


Reduction in merchandisers time

First Allocation | Dynamic Replenishment | Inter-Store / Warehouse Movements | Vendor Re-Orders


Assortment Groups | Optimal Width by Stores  | Monthly Sales Plan | Monthly OTB (Open To Buy)


Dynamic Availability | Fulfilment of online orders


Unlock NEW Opportunities

AI conducts micro-scrutiny and analysis, flagging opportunities & discrepancies that are often overlooked manually.

Automate Tasks

Save hundreds of man-hours with automated inventory management and free up your teams for more forward looking tasks.


Aggregate level rules are neither efficient nor the most effective. Our solutions treat each store, product and customer individually, making every action specific & targeted.


Dynamic system that changes the inputs on a near realtime basis, rather than a rule based system

Optimal placement of inventory is a critical component of the retail business. You plan things before launching the products, but the things don't always work as per the plan. Managing thousands of SKUs across so many sizes in a network of 2000+ stores goes out of hand very quickly. SprintAI have developed agile and robust algorithms which help us with optimal inventory movement and re-balancing capability. We are now scaled up with the solution across the network of EBOs across all our brands and have seen 3-5% improvement in sell through rates consistently. The team has deep understanding of the retail business and are very close to the day to day challenges, ensuring high quality delivery and impact.  We look forward to take this relationship furtherSaurabh Bansal - VP, Supply Chain and Planning - TCNS Clothing

SprintAI has a very strong and relevant value proposition with measurable impact especially in Inventory Management in lifestyle segment where the combinations are way too many.Future Group -C&D Labs



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Sprint AI is a part of Target Accelerator Cohort 7

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